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Mentoring Young Adults – Why All Teens Need Non-Parental Mentors?

At Earle Consulting we have often heard many parents saying that children are their future. But what you have to do when you find your children having changes in his/her behavior? Since it is your responsibility to shape the children future, you can choose mentoring young adults. Mentors or coaching professionals are not a new word to this society. We have been with many life coaches who have guided many people to live a positive life. Mentors can be anyone who is specially trained to motivate and help the teens to move towards their future with full of a positive attitude. At Earle Consulting we understand that there are many benefits in mentoring the young adults. We know how important is to create positive development in the youths. There are researches which continues to support that mentoring the teen’s links in the reduction of bullying and teens taking the wrong path in their life. What is the value of mentoring young adults? According to a recent study, it is found that children who have attended the mentoring programs have learned how to succeed in their life, felt less anxiety and passed their academics with flying colors. Mentoring young adults can be a complex task for many parents, that is why coaching professionals help students with their mentoring. Particularly handling the at-risk teens is a challenging task for the mentors. But, they will succeed in the mentoring and help the children change their behavior slowly. Teens usually get attached to the mentee-mentor relationship easily. You can take your children to mentoring at any time during their middle or high school years or before starting their college life. After the mentoring program, you can find your teen attending the classes regularly, developing more attachment towards family and being responsible in their life. The other benefits of adult mentoring are:

  • The mentees have more interpersonal connections beyond the family.

  • Helps the teens to predict the challenges in life and manage it properly.

  • Improve the communication skills of teens.

  • Strengthens their ability to manage their emotions and impulses – that is think before acting.

  • Promotes the identity development and make the teen find who they are and what are their future goals.

  • Helps them think in a new way and grab new opportunities for a better life.

  • Promotes the self-confidence within them.

  • Help them gain more knowledge about life and how to handle it.

  • Increased ability to make the right decisions and so on.

Thus, the result of mentoring young adults has many benefits for them. The coaching professionals will also help in knowing some fundamental strategies which can be used to manage any challenges faced in life. Some children have fear about their lives and feel that they don’t have any skills. At Earle Consulting we help the teens to unleash their potential and to know their self-worth. Hence having a mentor will help the teens with a source of wisdom and reassurance of their life.

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