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Life Coaching and Guidance for Young Adults/Teens


The mentoring I provide helps young adults/teens recognize who they are in the present in order to determine who they want to become. I do this by creating a positive, encouraging, and action-driven relationship with my clients, which in turn, helps young adults/teens become more self-motivated

and actualizing. With the support and guidance that I give to my clients, they will feel more emotionally balanced, confident, and autonomous.

Common Areas Mentoring can Help


  • Young adults/teens who need help finding a job. 

  • When considering or going through a Gap Year. 

  • Looking at applying to a College or University. 

  • When struggling with academics or maintaining motivation. 

  • Young adults/teens wanting to discover their purpose. 

  • When social settings feel awkward or uncomfortable resulting in seclusion and avoidance. 

  • Young adults/teens who have attempted to move towards independence without success. 

  • Experiencing a conflict  with authority around personal responsibility and independence. 

  • A general sense of not being able to move forward with ones life. 

If there is any other reason you are searching for mentoring for yourself or a loved one please reach out. 

Contact Methods

Whether you are a young adult/teen searching for help or a parent/caregiver looking for guidance for your child I can be contacted by phone through call or text at (510) 507-8129 and/or by email at 

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