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Helping Families With Teens And Young Adults 

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“If you are experiencing increased levels of stress or losing sleep due to your child's performance or lack of personal safety, my years of experience working with at risk youth and their families can assist you.” Timothy Earle

message for teens and


"If you are reading this letter, you most likely are feeling a disconnect between yourself and your family. You may be experiencing a lack of motivation, self-worth or sense of purpose. I assure you that you are not alone. There are steps you can take to change your situation. 

I once was such an adolescent. I remember clearly what it was like being a struggling teen. 

As a developing adolescent, you may feel that communication with your parents is impossible, that your parents do not see who you are, and do not understand you. One or more of these examples probably rings true for you: Poor academic standing, isolation, depression, impulsive behavior, misuse of substances, difficulty to connect with your peers, and an overall breakdown with your family. 

Know that it is my heartfelt purpose and calling to assist you.
I will not tell you what you should or should not do. Guilt and shame are not effective ways of motivating people. I am here to support your self-expression, discovery of purpose, and self-reliance. 

I am committed to help you in making the best possible decisions towards success and satisfaction. You Do have choices and options.

I trust that the decision of your parents’ to contract with Earle Consulting will create a brighter future for you, your family and community. "


don't take a year off



A Gap Year is not a year off. A gap year is a year focused on you—exploring the world, exploring your interests, and exploring your future options. 


Earle Consulting can help you design a gap year program that will give you the confidence, clarity, and direction you need to start focusing on what you want to do.

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In a fast shifting, dizzying, overwhelming environment I can provide some immediate stability by phone. We can review your situation, I can help you understand your options, and I will provide some triage tools for the immediate future. If we think we have a potential match we can discuss how to pursue working together. The first consultations are constructive and I am confident that you will feel clear on the direction you need to head. 

If we feel it is worth our while to continue we enter into a three part assessment. This includes:


Data Inventory 

Family completes a detailed history report.
Academic and personal references in regards to the child are examined and consulted. 
Collaboration with therapeutic and or other professionals.  Recent or past testing is examined and or requested.


Interviews with family members
Desired results are established

Action Plan 
An individualized plan for success is presented to the family
If required, modifications are made
The plan is yours whether you contract with me or not.


Typical a coach will meet with the child and parents individual and as a group. Mentoring sessions can happen on a hike or during a parallel activity of the young adults choosing. All sessions occur in the vicinity of your home or via a online video conferencing app.

You changed my life and I will never forget that. I have beautiful life long memories from working with you. You truly made a huge impact on my life and the way I live it today. The wisdom you have shared with me and many others is priceless. So again I truly can never thank you enough for what you have brought to my life.

At risk youth




My greatest reward is my relationship with my daughter. No words can begin to express my gratitude for your personal involvement in my family’s life. Sure, there are many others who helped give her a new future, gently steering her to embrace a life of happiness, rewards, hard work, courage to be an individual and to realize what a gifted individual she truly could be and now has become to realize. Yes, I am grateful for those individuals that shared in her successful journey through the dark side and into the light.
However, Tim, it was you, through your own efforts that gave me a daughter, and she a father, that both became willing to forgive and the courage to do the hard work to establish a loving, trusting relationship. Thank you, Tim; it brings tears of joy to my eyes.




I had heard of you, way before I contacted you for my son, I was already impressed from the stories told. And I continued to be very impressed deeply touched by you after my son and I began working with you. 
I can feel your immense heart by your ability to see people, to see our children, and by the preciseness of your words. You fearlessly challenge our kids and us because you are not about niceties but about integrity, honest love, and the empowering of our children and us to live successful lives. You definitely are more direct than many of us are used to, but always compassionately so, and you demonstrate a great deal of gentleness whenever it is needed. Your smiling eyes say it all.


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